Mar 2 2011
Groupon- the best coupon you will ever find!

Do you ever get those strange little coupons through your door? 50% off your next order at your local Dominos, or buy one ticket and get a child’s free at the local cinema? Most people can’t stand them- they save you pennies at best and a usually offered for businesses in which you have no interest.

Now, how about if those coupons could get you some real money off your next purchases, and not just that, but these offers are targeted for you and local businesses in your area. This is exactly what can offer you. is a website which offers a relatively simple service- each day they send you information about a specific offer from a business in your local city, and a code to redeem said special offer. This may sound simple, but Groupon offer another service too. They don’t just trawl the business world looking for coupons to send you- by joining their group; they act as a broker of sorts for all their members in each city. The end result is that you can get your hands on some truly exceptional special offers, sometimes as much as 90% off selected products and services.

So, if you’re living in the great land of Canada, check out today to get the best deals in the country!

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