Jan 11 2010
Google Phone – nexus One

Google Phone – nexus One

Google is the most known thing, on internet. With so many advancements in other technologies Google has now thought of venturing into the mobile phones technology. The mobile has given people access over the internet easily and today almost everyone knows about it.

T mobiles combined with other internet giants have come up with a device that they call GI. This was launched recently after Apple launched the iPhone and it has gathered huge amount of success all over the world.

The iphone has many features in it, similarly the GI device has almost the same type and number of features in it. GI has the features such as emailing, sending texts, making phone calls, using internet, camera, MP3 player, and a GPS. There must be features included more than these in order to win the market.

As far as Google is concerned they only offer the software not the phone. The phone recently released costs £720 a slight higher than iPhone that costs £639

GI has been under criticism because of not offering more features than an iPhone. But it does not matter at all; the point is what you want.

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