Jan 11 2010
Apple Islate Macbook Touch

The next redesign would be for sure the new iMac. This one will be an ultra slim one just a slight larger (1.5 times) than an iPhone. The screen resolution will be 720×480-screen and PDA 1.5 times an iPhone. It will run an embedded system of the Mac operation system X. it does not makes sense for me that Apple is releasing new products with PDA industry dying, rather than focusing on the existing ones. What we think is the Apple is trying to touch down-to-earth thinner notebooks for a better aand effective product: the MacBook touch.

For years the so called Son-Of-Newton and the MacTablet have been in prototypes. On the other hand the iPhone has proved that the most of the people are now used to the devices that are finger multi-touch as the main input device.

AppleInsider says that the Newton-slate inspired computer exists, and it runs Mac OS X on it. We do believe it might exist but only in the labs. For Apple to open a new market that has a little differentiation for the failing UMPCs might be difficult to have success. Even if Apple does make this re-invention the masses are not be used to this device.

Portability is a matter that people would not be opted. It is not the case like the iPhone or the iPod. How will it happen for a notebook and a sub-notebook? For this reason the Microsoft partners and Jack Bauer go for the hybrid notebook-tablet formats. With this sort of actions this concept is getting attractions. Now there might be an opportunity for Apple to come up with a new format based on multi-touch technology.

It is here that the Son-of-Newton and the ultra-slim MacBook can make the difference and may come up.

The Newton brand still won’t see any success with Apple concentrating efforts in the development around the Mac OS X and try to integrate it in every device they develop.

The ultra-thin MacBook with WiMax support and a solid state storage sounds good to me. It runs Leopard on the ultra power core processor of Intel.

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