Apr 24 2012
Garden Chats-Arboretum Garden Festival-Sat & Sun, May 5 & 6

Garden Chats-Arboretum Garden Festival-Sat & Sun, May 5 & 6

Hi Everyone!  The Arboretum’s fabulous Garden Festival begins with a party on Friday night, May 4 ($5 for Arboretum members/$10 for non-members), and is followed on Saturday and Sunday, May 5 & 6 with a…

  • Unique and Unusual plants for sale
  • Garden Chats with talks by plant and experts – see schedule below.  A PDF is also attached.  Free with admission (Adults $8, Seniors & Students $6, Children 5-12 $3, Under 5 free)
  • Marketplace Specialty Vendors
  • Craft and gardening activities for kids and families
  • Live entertainment, Walking Tours & Artists Painting in the Gardens
  • Food Trucks
  • Beer for Books
  • Educational Landscape Designs
  • Earth Dreams –  Sculptures in the Garden
  • www.arboretum.org


GROW! A GARDEN FESTIVAL at the LA ARBORETUM, 301 North Baldwin Ave., Arcadia CA 91007

GARDEN CHATS – SATURDAY, MAY 5, 2012 – Free with Admission


11AM                                     SCOTT DAIGRE                      TOMATOMANIA!                                                                                                                

Celebration Garden

TOMATOMANIA! is owned and produced by Scott Daigre, “a garden designer turned the Dale Carnegie of tomatophiles.”  Join him while he tells you all about the care and feeding of great heirloom and hybrid tomato varieties…and then follow him to the Tomatomania booth and select your favorites!  A dedicated home gardener, Scott shares his love of digging in the dirt through event appearances, speaking engagements, books, and videos that offer tools and tips for amateur and veteran gardeners alike. He is also a great designer and owner of Powerplant Garden Design based in Ojai.  www.tomatomania.com


12NOON                               NICHOLAS STADDON          GREAT PLANTS TO ENHANCE YOUR GARDEN                

Celebration Garden           

Nicholas Staddon, Director of New Plants for Monrovia Nursery, promises to light up our gardens for another year. He will present a dazzling selection of Monrovia plants that can capture our attention regardless of the month or season. He will introduce us to new and not so new plants that are great performers in Southern California. Working with breeders, hybridizers, and professional Plant Explorers, he scours the globe for new discoveries in the plant world. He works closely with professional garden writers and Monrovia’s customers, providing information on plants both old and new – sharing his views on garden trends.  He is a favorite and frequent speaker at the Arboretum. www.monrovia.com


1PM                                        ROSALIND CREASY              EDIBLE GARDENS:  WHAT MOST GARDENERS WANT TO KNOW               

Celebration Garden

Plant breeders and nursery people know much about edible plants, but that information seldom reaches the home gardener. Did you know that cilantro is a short day plant that needs cool weather? Or, did you know those large beefsteak tomato varieties have many ovaries and most need warm humid nights to pollinate properly? How do you know which vegetables to grow in the winter, and which to grow in the summer? There’s a rule of thumb: If you eat the leaf, tuber, or flower bud, the vegetable prefers cool conditions. If you eat the fruit (ie. tomatoes and squash are botanical fruits) or the seeds, it needs warm conditions to produce well.  Come and hear more! Rosalind is a garden and food writer, landscape designer, and a pioneer in the field of integrating edibles into the landscape. Her most recent book is Edible Landscaping: The New American Garden.  Learn from the best!  www.rosalindcreasy.com


2PM                                        JILL MORGANELLI                HOME ORCHARDS: FRUIT TREE SELECTION AND CARE                

Celebration Garden

Jill Morganelli, Horticultural Supervisor at the Arboretum, will present her best fruit tree and shrub selections for Southern California backyards.  These must-have proven performers are well suited to urban environments and will provide loads of delicious fruit.  Jill will share her criteria for making good choices when shopping for plants and share some basic growing tips.  She will also highlight selections from our new Garden for all Seasons.  Get the inside ‘picks’ for a bountiful harvest of fresh fruit from your yard to the kitchen table.  Jill teaches many classes at the Arboretum, including Organic Fruit & Vegetable Gardening, a very popular ongoing seasonal series. www.arboretum.org


3PM                                        LILI SINGER                           THE JOYS OF GARDENING WITH NATIVE PLANTS                         

Celebration Garden

California’s native plants offer gardeners many pleasures– from fragrance (the best), color (amazing) and texture (exquisite) to glorious bird and butterfly activity, to ease of care and low water bills! A varied assortment of gorgeous, garden-worthy native plants – including many of the speaker’s favorite flora – will be shown and described, with helpful tips on plant selection, installation and ongoing maintenance. Lili has worn many hats through the years, all of which have contributed to her limitless knowledge about most anything that grows!  She was the host of “The Garden Show” on radio station KCRW-FM, wrote a gardening column for a design magazine, taught gardening and horticulture through UCLA Extension, consulted on homeowners’ gardens throughout Los Angeles, and had her own very successful magazine called The Southern California Gardener.  Today Lili leads the Thursday Garden Talks at the Arboretum and is Special Projects Coordinator for the Theodore Payne Foundation.  www.theodorepayne.org



“Saving the world, one square foot at a time.”


Nothing compares to the flavor of food that is grown in healthy soil, without pesticides, and allowed to grow until just the right time for harvest.  Square foot gardening uses only 20% of the land space of a conventional garden and saves both water and time. There is no tilling of the soil so anybody can do it. Join JoAnn as she explains the concept of this successful technique. Home Learning Center in the Garden for All Seasons



GROW! A GARDEN FESTIVAL at the LA ARBORETUM, 301 North Baldwin Ave., Arcadia CA 91007

GARDEN CHATS – SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012 – Free with Admission


11AM                     MARCO BARRANTES            BEFORE & AFTER: GARDEN TRANSFORMATIONS          

Conference Room

Marco Barrantes of La Loma Development Company will demonstrate through photos the breadth and depth of La Loma’s projects in the local world of sustainable landscaping.  Using “before, during, and after photos,” topics will include rainwater harvesting, natural pools, urbanite terraces, recycled and renewable materials, veggie gardens outside of the box, local permaculture, and how to create a beautiful, health-giving yard.   Marco received his Masters in Landscape Architecture and Masters in Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley; he also has over ten years of experience as a certified Permaculture designer, and has excelled in forging partnerships between community members, non-profit organizations, and city government for green and sustainable projects.  www.lalomadevelopment.com



Conference Room

Plantsman and Plant Explorer Daniel Hinkley will take you on a visual tour of areas of the world that he has explored for good garden plants, highlighting the process of getting those plants from nature to our gardens.  While experiencing the wilds of Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Vietnam and China, the attendee will be immersed in the process of observing a plant in the wild through observation of its performance in gardens and subsequent introduction into the nursery trade. Dan is a writer, popular lecturer and keen gardener with advanced degrees in horticulture from Michigan State and the University of Washington. One of the founders of the original Heronswood Nursery in Kingston, Washington, he now brings his expertise to Monrovia Growers as well.   www.danieljhinkley.com


1PM                        STEVE GERISCHER                 CREATIVE CONTAINER GARDENING                

Celebration Garden

Growing plants in containers can add a variety of different dimensions to a yard, a garden, a balcony or even a deck or patio. There are so many ways to enjoy creative and unusual combinations of containers and plants – and a multitude of new choices out there.  An admitted ‘container gardening junkie,’ Steve will share some tricks of the trade to having a joyous and bountiful ‘contained’ garden.  An award-winning landscape designer, teacher, and current president of the Southern California Horticultural Society as well as vice president and board member of Pacific Horticulture Society, Steve has been gardening locally since childhood. He has appeared on HGTV’s Landscaper’s Challenge (where his was the design chosen and installed) and formerly worked and lectured at Smith & Hawken in Beverly Hills and Hortus in Pasadena.  sglarkspur@aol.com



Conference Room              

Designers Leigh Adams and John Lyons have collaborated on a unique water harvesting garden design in the hills of Altadena.  Lyons and Adams will describe the development of a thriving organic garden blending fruit trees, native plants and storm water, a garden rich in pollinators, delicious fruit and vegetables and lush flowering mounds.  Watch the installation of the hardscape and the burgeoning plant growth supported by careful tending to the enriched soil in their PowerPoint presentation where you will see this delightful garden blossoming over its first 18 months.  Learn how you can apply and benefit from these same concepts in your own garden.   John, an avid practitioner of organic garden cultivation, has been one of the Arboretum’s most popular speakers, including his most recent class “More Chickens & Bees.” An avid practitioner of organic garden cultivation, he has a reputation for his passion and zeal which produces spectacular results. www.thewovengarden.com   Leigh‘s love of art and children has resulted in a variety of differing art installations and activities.  A very talented artist in many mediums, she created a 960 foot “DreamSnake” in the Australian section of the Arboretum using glazed tiles in mosaic patterns. She is also known for her basketry and gourd art as well as her beautiful mosaic work.  www.laglassart.com


3PM                        LARAMEE HAYNES                               LUSH GARDENS THAT NEED LITTLE WATER                                                    

Celebration Garden

A garden can look lush and full, and still use very little water. There are beautiful plants with large leaves in many shapes and sizes that need only a little water once established. When combined artistically, the result is a rich, vibrant garden that needs water once per week or less. Learn about these wonderful plants and the art of combining them with Laramee Haynes, landscape designer and devoted plant lover. Laramee is a former mechanical engineer, and his background includes a BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA. His education and experience have served him well in his new career in the garden. His favorite part of this new career is the blend of science, engineering and art needed to craft a beautiful and useful garden, and his business continues to focus on residential landscape design and installation. The core skills of the business are artistic paving, irrigation, planting, lighting and garden pruning. He has two installation crews led by Victor Silva and Saloman Vasquez, each with over 20 years experience building gardens for his customers. www.hayneslandscaping.com



“Saving the world, one square foot at a time.”

SUNDAY, MAY 6 AT 10AM AND 1PM – Home Learning Center in the Garden For All Seasons

Nothing compares to the flavor of food that is grown in healthy soil, without pesticides, and allowed to grow until just the right time for harvest.  Square foot gardening uses only 20% of the land space of a conventional garden and saves both water and time. There is no tilling of the soil so anybody can do it. Join JoAnn as she explains the concept of this successful technique.


Jill Berry, Education Manager

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden

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Arcadia, CA 91007-2697

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