Jul 9 2021
EV Electric Vehicle Choices for 2021

As the selection of electric vehicles increases there are some interesting entries into the marketplace.

This is a working list of EV’s that are coming soon or are already available. These are not listed in any particular order at this time.

  1. Stellantis – parent company of Chrysler announced an investment of over $35 billion in EV’s.
  2. VW – with the ID.4
  3. BMW – i3
  4. Nissan – Leaf – an early entrant now trying to catchup in the race for range and reliable battery chemistry – abandoned many early adopters with questionable marketing and disclosures. Batteries that went from 120 mile range to 50 miles or less in less than 4 years.
  5. Tesla – With the upcoming revisions and added Cybertruck and lower priced entrant Tesla will continue to innovate and lead EV technology.
  6. Ford – Mustang & F150 – Lightning – first editions, some are impressed
  7. Mercedes
  8. Toyota – new EV models coming
  9. GM – Chevy Bolt – a popular choice, in the US one of the top choices after Tesla, look for new developments from GM in batteries affect range and charge times
  10. Aptera – coming in 2022, reservations and investment opportunities are available.  Claiming to be a 1000 mile range with solar charging to deliver 40 mile range from solar panels on the
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