Sep 23 2015
EPA claims VW running Clean Air scam with diesel engines

EPA claims VW running Clean Air scam with diesel engines

Over $18 Billion and over 400,000 autos are involved.

Now VW is being sued for these claims and executives at Volkswagen are scrambling to make things right.

EPA says the “clean diesel” vehicles are spewing as much as 10-40X more nitrous oxide than is legally permitted under the Clean Air Act.

Investigations are ongoing at EPA and in California as “defeat devices” uncovered that evade clean air regulations.

More information on EPA’s Notice of Violation.
More information on CARB’s In-Use Compliance Letter.

Could other auto manufacturers be next? Could Nissan be doing something similar with its Nissan LEAF? Actually Renault is partnered with Nissan, and Renault was part of a similar case.
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