Jan 10 2021
East Pasadena OSH Location To Become Grocery Store?

The construction equipment and fencing are onsite at the East Pasadena location of what was previously OSH, which was owned by Lowe’s.

The City of Pasadena Planning and Community Development Department has a file on the site.



While there is enough info on the locations purpose, the tenant or new owner is somewhat secretive.  In the list of possible stores that could occupy include Amazon Fresh, Lazy Acres, Gelson’s, Aldi, Grocery Outlet, and others including but bot limited to some of the other larger chains that may be looking at the location as a move.  At 53,000 ft it is fairly large, but not large enough for a Costco or Walmart.

Amazon Fresh has existing store locations in Woodland Hills, Northridge, Irvine, North Hollywood and Whittier, and several stores opening soon in IL. Looking at the market and the layout, it seems like the most likely occupant of the location. Amazon already has two Whole Foods locations in Pasadena, and perhaps this would give them an exit from one of the other locations, or enhance their presence in the area.


With Home Depot entering the area it will be interesting to see who moves in.   As the site develops we should know more. Additional permits and inspections by the City of Pasadena will reveal more on the layout and application which will provide further clues.

The architecture firm is now available as McKently Malak Architects based in Pasadena.

There are renderings posted on their site.

Osh Pasadena-web (2)

Osh Pasadena-web (3)

Osh Pasadena-web (1)

Image Credit: from McKently website

Conditional Use Permit #6836, Case Planner Jennifer Driver.

Under the applicate as KCB Pasadena Store, LLC.. Which appears to be an equity holding firm located in Pasadena.   With real estate holdings around the nation.

The project description from the CUP.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The applicant, KCB Pasadena Store, LLC., is requesting a Conditional Use Permit(CUP)to allow the off-site sales of a full line of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and distilled spirits)(Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)License Type 21), as well as instructional tastings on-site(ABC License Type 86), in conjunction with the operation of a new 41,459 square-foot grocery store (Food Sales land use). The proposed grocery store would be located within an existing vacant 53,041square-foot single-story commercial building previously occupied by Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH), a home improvement retail store. The proposed hours of operation would be from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. Food Sales is a land use that is permitted by-right in this location. The proposed establishment would offer a range of typical grocery offerings, in addition to specialty items and related services. The store’s offerings will include fresh produce, pre-packaged meats, packaged foods, dairy products, salad bar and hot food offerings. As discussed in this report, it is proposed that the grocery store would sell a broad selection of beer, wine, and spirits, including craft and specialty products. The sales of alcohol requires the approval of a Conditional Use Permit.


This is the link from when the property was about to be occupied by OSH.

3425 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107


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