Mar 16 2010
Earthquake Freeway Damage and Media

This is pretty interesting to see.

A KTLA media truck with a reporter on the side of the 5 FWY in what is probably one of the worse sections of the 5 fwy.  And what are they reporting on…. a pothole.  Well I have a newsflash…. I traveled the 5 both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend and there are numerous potholes, large enough to make you slow way down. and as we all know, with all the rains these potholes get larger as the water disturbs the road and causes stress on the roads.

It would be nice if the media cleared out of the area which is slowing down traffic.

There are some large potholes along the 5 FWY both north and south section of the 5 fwy.

It is a welcome site to see the 5 fwy reaching completion in the Orange County area, so basically the Orange County is getting a new 5 Fwy.

Now the LA County needs a new 5 fwy, as it is just horrible traffic with 3 lanes in many sections and conditions deteriorating daily.

Is there a number you can report road potholes to?

Residents of Los Angeles can call  in a pothole. Residents can call 311, which is the city’s hotline. They guarantee that they will fill that pothole within 24 hours from the time that the call is made.

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