Dec 16 2008
Digital Family Reunion – Thank You!
Here’s a letter/email I received from Brad and the folks at Digital Family Reunion.  I hope to see more of these events.


We’re so grateful for everyone who came to the Digital Family Reunion last
Thursday and contributed to this extraordinary, one-a-of-kind event.

By bringing together important trade associations and social networking
in the region, we were able to create a network of networks that helped
a collage of the entire digital industry spectrum.  And the intention of
bringing together the generations of 1.0 and 2.0 couldn’t have been more
as we begin to look into the future for our industry.

From all the amazing comments, we believe we’ve struck a nerve in the
and are likely to follow this up with at the very least an annual holiday
party.  We’re inviting ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to share
us your thoughts and feelings about what we brought forth and what you’d
to see locally and nationally from our efforts moving forward.

If you were unable to attend, our media partner, Tech Zulu wrote a
summary of what was undoubtedly an unforgettable event for those in the

Also, check out so many great photos from the event at

If you were there and have photos or video from the
event, tag them #DFR2008 so can find them.

As you know, we launched a social network for folks attending the event
ties in your Facebook, Linked In, Twitter accounts, called EventVue. It’s
pretty amazing.  Everyone who attended was pre-registered, but just in
you’ve not set up your page, the EventVue password resend

We encourage everyone to connect around your professional objectives.
what it’s all about. Also, it’s not too late to attend one of our
networking events tonight.  Digital LA tonight MondayDec 15th 7-10pm <> which is always a very
crowd. As for the Digital Family Reunion, there’s just so many people to
All of our sponsors, affiliates, hosts, vendors and, of course, all the
attendees.  It truly was a communal effort.

Here’s a few folks we’d like to call out!

Thanks for our sponsors:
Jungle 8, Luxury Capital Group,  Neoganda, Pixt, Ramprate, Safari, Scour,
Social Radius, Total Technology, ValueClickMedia Partners, WITI – Women in
Technology International

Media Partners:
Always On, CauseCast, Digital Media Wire, FastClips, Futureworks 2.0, Ken
Radio, Mahalo,,
TechZulu, TubeFilter

Affiliates and Hosts

Our DFR Outstanding Achievement Honoree, Nolan Bushnell, uWink

It was not without the incredible contributions from our creative partners
that we were able to pull off something as elegant and vibrant as we did.

Thanks for Jungle [8], Lainie Liberti and her team, for providing the
creative direction for our invitation and website, and for the Business
Alter installation that both reflected our collective inspiration and theme
for the event. <>

Thanks to Mindshare who helped put together our video and technology
installations.  Mindshare is offering all DFR attendees discounts for
events – just use the code “DFR08” at
<> .  There will be presentations on swarm
photo journalism from Afghanistan and the mathematical feasibility of

Also, if you enjoyed the visualizations and tech installations at DFR then
will love the new creations from Mindshare Labs that are on display at the
December 18th event. You can see their past events here:

Have a wonderful Holiday season and we look forward to being in touch,

Digital Family Reunion Steering Committee,
Brad Nye, Dave Leighton, Kurt Daradics, Tony Winders <>

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