Jul 19 2014
Del Frisco’s Grille Coming to Pasadena @DFGrille

Del Frisco’s Grille is coming to Pasadena


We are hiring for various positions. To view available openings please visit https://www.dfrgjobs.com/.

Del Frisco’s Grille Pasadena is opening this December. Industrial and lush elements will create an atmosphere that is stylish, social and relaxed. The energetic bar will create a buzz throughout the restaurant and set the stage for an exciting dining experience that is unlike any other American grill. It’’’ll be your place to eat with a friend and catch up on the latest or make new friends at the bar. Our food and drinks are built to share, so share the experience with your neighbors – they are just friends you haven’’’t met yet.

Del Frisco's Grille

Taking the classic bar and grill to new heights, Del Frisco’s Grille draws inspiration from bold flavors and market-fresh ingredients.

The 7,400 sq ft location at 55 S. Lake Ave, Pasadena is currently being renovated.


There had been rumors of a Flemings Steak House on South Lake, but perhaps Del Frisco took the opportunity to enter this market first. Del Frisco’s has California locations in Santa Monica and Irvine, and several others around the country at major metro locations, with four in Texas.

There have been a number of positions posted for the new Pasadena, CA location including Executive Chef and General Manager.

Here’s a story about the Del Frisco chain of restaurants that is estimated to be expanding, including mention of the Pasadena, CA location.  We are looking forward to the new location.

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There’s a Del Frisco’s Steak House and a Del Frisco’s Grille.

Locations of the Del Frisco’s Grille can be found here.

If you want to read the conditional use permit(CUP) you can find it here.

The applicant, Daniel Kramer has submitted a Conditional Use Permit to allow the on-site sale and consumption of full alcohol (Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits) in conjunction with the operation of a Bar or Tavern use that is proposed as part of a new sit-down Restaurant (Del Frisco’s Grille). The applicant is proposing to occupy an existing space measuring 7,947 square feet, of which 3,154 square feet will be designated as dining area.

This includes a bar area measuring 878 square feet as well as an outdoor dining area.
As part of the proposal, three entitlements are required are as follows:
1) A Conditional Use Permit to establish a “Bar or Tavern” use
in conjunction with a restaurant use. A restaurant with a bar area exceeding 500 square feet is considered a Bar or Tavern use
Conditional Use Permit: To allow the on-site sale and consumption of full alcohol (beer, wine and distilled spirits) as part of the
operation of  new ‘Bar or Tavern’ use in conjunction with a sit down restaurant ; and
Modification to a Conditional Use Permit: To modify the existing shared parking agreement (UP2446) to address the operation of a sit down restaurant within a tenant space previously
occupied by retail use




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