Jul 30 2008
David’s Cookies


David’s Cookies

In 1979, David Liederman was a top chef in New York City. At the time, boutique cookie shops along the West Coast were everywhere and the smell of fresh baked, chocolate chip cookies could be smelled for miles.

Chef David had the brilliant idea to bring this California trend back East, and the first David’s Cookies store was born in the heart of Manhattan. Passers by quickly fell in love with his funny shaped cookies, which were always oven fresh and loaded with heaping chunks (not chips) of chocolate. Chef David, trained in the finest French culinary academies, began mixing and tasting; using only the finest, all natural, ingredients – pure vanilla, butter, Swiss chocolate and whole nuts, he achieved his anticipated result; a uniquely delicious cookie that looked and tasted “just like mamma made!”

Fresh Baked Cookies
David’s is the place to find delicious, soft chocolate chip cookies you don’t have to bake. Forget small chips, our recipes include large chunks of gooey Hershey’s ® chocolate for a home-made taste. Made from a clever mixture of wholesome milk, eggs & creamy butter, each cookie is oven-fresh & golden brown to perfection with top quality ingredients. Save time from making your own dough from scratch and pick up a batch of a dozen David’s Cookies today for the whole family. Flavors include Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin and more. They’re great for birthday parties and best served fresh.

Fresh Baked Cookies

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