Mar 25 2020
COVID-19 Company Response to Consumers Not Able to Pay Bills

Business and individuals worldwide are experiencing difficulties paying works let alone service providers.

With many non-essential businesses not able to generate revenue they are being shuttered and employees are being laid off.  The amount of daily and weekly unemployment claims has risen to levels not seen since the Great Depression.  The unemployment rate will be one of the highest most have ever experienced. The debate of if there will be a depression or recession is ongoing, meanwhile the legislatures are trying to figure out a way to keep the economy from total collapse.

Companies like Spectrum should be ashamed of how they are handling the situation.  I reached out to them and received three different answers.

Verizon seems to be better, but has not really followed through

Intuit – was good, they credited a month of service

other companies seem to be figuring out what to do, but most are not clear

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