Jun 13 2018
Consumer Reports – Don’t let Robocallers off the hook #robocallers #spam #solicitors

Just received this email on robocallers. The problem is getting much worse, where most people will not answer calls unless they are certain it is someone they know. still robocallers are spoofing numbers which appear as numbers in our local area, and numbers that you may even recognize,  And when you call this number back it is some person that has no idea what happened.  The level of accountability with these sorts of activities is unacceptable. There is no accountability and it must be stopped. Robocallers and solicitors must be held accountable fined to the full extent so that it is stopped.


We have an epidemic of invasive robocalls on our hands — and the problem could get worse. More and more robocalls are being made year after year. The last thing we need is for the legal protections we do have to be stripped away.

Federal regulators are weighing new rules to say what robocallers can and can’t do. If they issue narrow protections, consumers could be faced with a new barrage of auto-dials from debt collectors, telemarketers, and scammers. That’s why today we’re asking all our Consumer Reports members to submit a comment to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in favor of more consumer protections against these unwanted calls.

Add your comment to tell the FCC we want the strongest possible protections from invasive robocalls.

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Here’s what we’re asking the FCC to do:

  • Make sure that all of the equipment currently being used to send autodialed calls today gets classified as an “autodialer.”
  • Ensure contractors working for the government are covered by the robocall laws.
  • Issue strong rules reining in the relentless calls from debt collectors who are working on behalf of the federal government.
  • Ensure that consumers can easily revoke their consent to receiving robocalls at any time.
  • Set up a reassigned number database to prevent “wrong number” robocalls.

Can you join us in submitting a comment to the FCC? Click here to take action now.

These calls aren’t just a nuisance. They cost American consumers hundreds of millions of dollars and plenty of wasted time. It’s time for the FCC to take serious action to strike a blow against these unwanted calls.

If you agree, forward this email to as many friends and family as possible so we can collect more comments to send to the FCC. Let’s make sure they hear our voices.

Maureen Mahoney
Consumer Reports

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One thought on “Consumer Reports – Don’t let Robocallers off the hook #robocallers #spam #solicitors

  1. I just in past 3 days and is now continuous had robbo callers call me at least 8 times a day. What the heck is going on!! I’m fed up with this crap and this is my cell phone.


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