Oct 19 2012
Comfort Zone for Cats – Stop your Pet’s Stress-related Behavior

Often, your cat may show up with stress-related behavior, causing it to urinate, stop eating or scratching here and there. Certain disturbances in the environment of your cat, like visitors, new pet, rearranging furniture, or shifting to a new home, can cause fear or stress in it, leading to destructive behavior. Comfort Zone for cats can control destructive behavior of your pet, helping it overcome stressful situations or fear.


Cat bliss

Cat bliss (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Comfort Zone products can completely stop or reduce stress-related behavior in cats, including urine marking and spraying, scratching, loss of appetite, nervous travelers, reduced desire to interact or play, and stressful situations. Plug in the diffuser in the rooms where your cat has shown up with urine marking. If your cat has access to more than one floor, the diffuser should be used at each floor. It will take 4 weeks to show improved behavior. To stop stress-related behaviors completely, use the diffuser for 90 days.

Comfort Zone for cats is not a tranquilizer or drug, and is absolutely non-toxic and does not harm humans and pets. Don’t use the diffuser directly on your cat; plug it into the electrical socket in rooms where your pet has maximum access.

Please visit www.petcomfortzone.com for more information.

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