Jul 12 2012
Cheapflights.com – More Than Just A Travel Website

With a name like Cheapflights.com you might think that only a fool would fail to grasp exactly what kind of business was being catered for and what kind of deals you could expect to find when you logged on. What you might not appreciate is the additional services that are also available to the would-be traveller.

Yes you can expect CHEAP FLIGHTS, (which perhaps goes without saying) but how about the rest?

Cheapflights.com hand-pick the best deals of the day so you can get the best deal, whenever you plan to book, whether that is well in advance, or last-minute

In addition to just advertising and selling flights, Cheapflights.com offer a series of travel packages to ensure that you get an all-round service as well as the savings that result from organising all of your travel needs from a single provider. You can choose from:

Flights Only

Flights and Hotels

Hotels Only

Car Rental

You can also choose to mix and match these options to get exactly what you want from the website so that it is tailored to your unique travel needs.


Not 100% sure where exactly you want to go? No need to worry, Cheapflights.com have thought of that as well and have handy tabs linking you to ‘Staff Picks’ (essentially recommendations from the experts!). They also have a clever feature called ‘Be Inspired’ where you simply input your departure airport, when you want to fly, (date) and what you are interested in seeing on your trip and the site generates likely destinations to suit your tastes!

Whether you are looking for a simple last minute flight deal, or something a lot more involved, the people at Cheapflights.com will have what you’re looking for.

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