Jun 23 2020
Charter Spectrum To Set Data Caps and Charge Streaming Services? @fcc @Ask_Spectrum #charter

Charter parent of Spectrum is requesting of the FCC that it be allowed to set data caps and to be able to charge streaming companies fees.

Through the merger with Time Warner Charter agreed to not set data caps until May 2020.

Now Charter is asking for that to be terminated early and allow it to basically do whatever it wants, charge for data and charge streaming companies, so much for net neutrality.  Charter has to be one of the most profit centered, with executives being paid millions and millions in bonuses.  The customer is second to profit.

Spectrum internet is by far one of the most complained about, with reliability issues constantly plaguing the company.  Customer service experiences are horrible to say the least.  And the bait and switch tactics are dishonest and take advantage of customers new and old.


You can search some of the public comments already appear on the FCC site as of today when the pettion was filed.

You can see the filing here



WC 16-197

Stewart Smith




Jun 23, 2020

Jun 23, 2020

7965 MLK Jr. Blvd




Charter is only asking for this NOW (and not before) because the COVID-19 crisis is affecting their bottom line, threatening corporate officer bonuses. I would of course assume they have framed it differently, but that is their prerogative. Please, at a minimum, DO NOT grant their petition for “early release.” Additionally, please inform them of the following: “Comply or die!” If you also feel the need to inform Charter (and/or its corporate officers) to eat a big bowl of shit, that is fine.



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