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Disney Movie Club

 I am a big fan of Disney movies. Now with the Disney Movie Club you can save a few dollars when you purchase moviews. Disney is excited to announce they have just rolled out a brand new (and improved) offer for customers! New members to…

Blue-ray Format Wins!

 The Blue-Ray format has won, now that Toshiba has bowed out with their HD format. I’m sure there will be more on this development, but for now it appears that Blue-Ray which is backed by Sony and the studios is the winner. The good news…

Movie Rentals at iTunes

  iTunes Top 10 Top 10 Movie Rentals 1. SuperbadGenre: Comedy 2. The Simpsons Movie Genre: Comedy 3. 300Genre: Action & Adventure 4. Live Free or Die Hard Genre: Action & Adventure 5. Waitress Genre: Comedy 6. Transformers Genre: Action & Adventure 7. Ratatouille Genre:…