Feb 18 2016
Can Apple Crack The San Bernardino Terrorists iPhone?

Can Apple Crack The San Bernardino Terrorists iPhone

Google CEO Sundar Pichai stands behind Apple on the topic of privacy, although it doesn’t go as far as Apple has in defying the court order.

Can Apple hack the phone? Or a better question, why is it the FBI cannot hack the phone? They have tried 10 times on the passwords, and now it sits with one more attempt before the data is erased.

Are there hackers out there who could get around this password security. Chances are that the NSA and CIA could put their resources on this and crack the phone, but it appears that the FBI is position itself as the lead agency in this case, to make a statement, without truly understand the full implications of make one exception and putting the crack team at Apple on the case of cracking this one phone in the name of national security.

Once the code / key is created you can’t just delete it.  Is there a chance the NSA CIA are putting the FBI to test public reaction to such a case.


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