Jan 19 2018
CAMILO’S Bistro Eagle Rock Closes

CAMILO’S Bistro Eagle Rock Closes

CAMILO’S Bistro has decided to close it’s doors. After 18 years in our community, we have come to the point of letting our beloved bistro go. We have nothing but wonderful memories in our second home, served many great meals, enjoyed many glasses of wine with our guests, friends and family, danced with many of you, heard many life stories, shared our lives with many, made many good friends, saw many children born and grow, loved our great staff who were so loyal and with us and have been with us since we opened, most importantly, we hoped everyone felt our sincere hospitality and friendship every time you walked out our door, and that most of you didn’t mind our hugs and kisses as we said goodbye.

Unfortunately, good things come to an end. In the past few years, with all the operating costs rising, personal illness and complications, and the decline of business income, we are forced to close. This decision is beyond emotionally hard, especially knowing we truly loved what we did and gave it our all, to keep our doors open. As many of our fellow business owners know, who love their business as much as we did, you hold on, until you are all out of options and you just can’t operate anymore and realize your business debt is just rising. Therefor, at this time, we will reorganize our lives and look forward to what the next chapter may bring.

Thank YOU!!! We met many wonderful people through the years, many who have became our personal friends, a special thanks to all our wonderful staff who stayed with us until the end. We will miss everyone, but we know that we will see you all around our community soon.

Again, thank you for your support through the years.

Until we meet again,

Camilo & Amelia

CAMILO’S California Bistro & Catering Co. | 2128 West Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041


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