Apr 13 2013
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Cuties Juice™ comes straight from the best source – Nature! We juice and blend our fruit at our Eco-Friendly juice plant in California and put it in a bottle so Cuties can be enjoyed year-round. No need to add funny stuff, because we use the best that Nature has to offer. You got it – Cuties Juice has NO sugar, NO dyes, NO preservatives, or any other sneaky stuff. Our 100% Tangerine Juice is never from concentrate and our Cuties Smoothies are 100% Juice. With each serving, enjoy 2 full servings of fruit and 150% Vitamin C.

Visit www.cutiesjuice.com for more information. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @cutiesjuice. We love when our fans share their thoughts and pictures with us, so don’t be afraid to jump in and enjoy the fun!

Welcome to Califia Farms – Another California Revolution!

Califia Farms uses only the best ingredients out there, from nature, to make our Pure Almondmilk and CaliCoco 100% Coconut Water. Our Pure Almondmilk comes in three varieties: Vanilla, Creamy, and Unsweetened.

Our unique processing keeps all of the good stuff in, so our drinks full of flavor and nutrition. Visit www.califiafarms.com for more information; follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @califiafarms. We love to hear what our fans think and to see what you’re up to, so keep the ideas, pictures and recipe ideas coming!

Califia Farms
1095 E Green St, Pasadena, CA
(626) 204-0830


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