Dec 29 2016
Best Windows Hard Drive Cloning Solutions

Are you a Windows user looking for the best solution for cloning your hard drive and moving your system and documents to a new computer hard drive.

There are many solutions, but some may not work as well as others.

Here’s the scenario I have.

Old Dell Inspiron laptop 500GB drive, with 400GB of data. Computer is 4-5 years old, running Windows 10 Pro.
New Latitude 7470 with m.2 SSD drive. 500GB.

I would like to clone the Dell internal 500GB drive to an external 750GGB USB connected drive. And then clone the 750GB drive to the 500GB SSD on the new Dell.

Supposedly Macrium Reflect should be able to do this, but fails. I try to use it to restore the clone to the new laptop. My computer will not boot. So I tried Macrium a couple times with no luck. I have contacted the company and will see what they say.

I have tried TODO Free again with errors.

Partition Wizard Disk Copy Clone here.Norton Ghost is a popular solution.
Norton by Symantec – Global HomePage Click Here

AOMEI Backupper Standard Free and Trial versions here.

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