Feb 27 2011
Atwater Village Farmers’ Market Sundays 10-2pm

One of the top farmers markets in the Los Angeles area, in particular the Glendale area is the Sunday Atwater Village, CA Farmer’s Market, which takes place on Glendale Ave.


Be sure to pickup one of the Frequent Shopper Cards where if you visit the market six times you get a $3 money to spend at the market!! That’s pretty good incentive.

The market carries a wide assortment of food products. Including produce from various parts of the area, from Fresno to San Diego. Today I purchased some stuffed olives and apples from the vendor from Fresno. I don’t remember the vendors name but he was very friendly and nice enough to offer a deal when buying a few things. Which is always nice to see.

You can find seafood, flowers, honey, coffee, apples, carrots, pies, chocolates, preserves, even Spanish specialities at this market.

1. Frogdog Herbs: Jan Brice (323) 578.3664 info@frogdogherbs.com

Spicing up life, one dish at a time for recipes and other great ideas: www.frogdogherbs.com

2. The Chocolatery – Paola Cresti , (818) 640-2181 paola@thechocolatery.com  www.thechocolatery.com

3. Cristina’s from Spain – Gourmet Food – Tony Testa, (323) 719-1974, tony@cristinasfromspain.com  www.cristinasfromspain.com – making a variety of Spanish Tortillas, authentically made in a kitchen downtown Los Angeles, you can purchase the classic, herbs, and shrimp varieties, they sell $3 a slice or $18 for a whole tortilla. They also sell Marcona Almonds, Membrillo(quince paste), cheeses and chorizo. All the great products from Spain.  All appear to be imported except from the Spanish Tortilla.

4. JamIam – Carolyn Cooper, Owner, (323) 356-6928, handcrafted jams, marmalades, fruit sauces, and chutneys – Country goodness for the urban palate.

PO Box 39942, Silverlake, CA 90039


5. Cafecito Organico – Artisan Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles, CA – Coffee Espresso Beverages, Wholebean Coffee,

Astoria Espresso Machine

534 N. Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA  90026

(213) 537-8367




There are plenty of other vendors which we will gather additional information and update this posting.

Atwater Village 10am to 2pm
3250 Glendale Blvd. (at Brunswick)

Atwater Village Farmers’ Market
The Atwater Village Farmers’ Market opened in June 2005. The market is open every Sunday from 10am to 2pm and is located at 3250 Glendale Blvd. in the Wells Fargo parking lot at Larga Ave. The market offers a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as bread, spreads, flowers, prepared foods and artisan crafts each week. The market also hosts monthly events including cooking demonstrations, contests, children’s activities and live entertainment.


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