Jul 6 2013
AT&T U-Verse Ordering & Customer Service @ATTCustomerCare

If you are like you have AT&T as a provider of some service in your home.

We have both home phone and internet service. The internet service was upgraded to Uverse Internet after AT&T decided to discontinue offering the DSL service, so about a year ago we switched to the UVerse Internet.

This past mont we receive a bill for $46, no longer the promotional special offer that was supposed to be offered and renewed as stated by the AT&T rep, the cost went from $19 to $46!

So I called in and asked what sort of package I could get for TV, Internet and Home phone, that I was ready to cancel my home phone and internet, that the prices are way too high. It is cost upwards of $100 for a landline phone and internet now. So I spoke to a rep who appeared that it was his first day on the job.

He offered my what he claimed to be the best possible offering.

U300, AT&T Uverse Internet at 12mb, and home phone with unlimited service, for $105/mo. That with taxes it would be about $107-108.  On top of that that the first month bill would be $90 and I would receive a $200 rewards card that could be used to pay for the service. I asked him to schedule the install, he said that he had various times available including 11-1 on July 6th, which I said yes that would be fine. Now I am waiting at home and it is one hour into what was supposed to be the install time and nobody is here. So I am now looking through my order online and the date was changed to 7-13 at 11-1. I am waiting on old to see what happened and why I wasn’t notified of the change.  So far nothing.

It is not fair to customers that companies do little to communicate changes like this on accounts, even after I placed the order I did not receive a notification of what I ordered, only that I had placed an order.

Now the person I am speaking with says they have to transfer me to the retention dept which is the dept that placed the order to see if they have notes on the order.

So I have had an appointment for July 6, from 11-1 and they never showed up. Now the rep I spoke with on Saturday said he would call me back and did not, and now I get a call that I have an appointment from 11-1. Why would they just schedule the appointment without my consent?

Now I am speaking with another rep that appears to be at a call center onshore and is having trouble with their computer, checking appointments. Really have to say that AT&T needs some help with their systems.

I asked the rep if the 30 day money back guarantee is honored as advertised, he did not know. But I have researched online and it appears that there are other experiencing issues with the 30 day money back guarantee. Read some here.


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