Jan 27 2014
AT&T U-Verse Internet Troubles

AT&T U-Verse Internet Troubles

If you have AT&T Internet U-Verse you may have experienced issues, but this morning it appears to be much worse than in the past.

Sites are not loading, sites are timing out, some sites are working.

Is AT&T throttling speeds? Or is this an outage affecting some customers and not others?

Errors such as:
The connection has timed out

or pages that only load text and no images.

update: Apparently the issues on Jan 27, 2014 appear to be DNS issues, that are affecting customers nationwide.

The issue has been ongoing for several hours and reports from many areas where AT&T Uverse service is available.

Some have reported that changing their DNS settings has resolved the issue, i.e. change to public DNS such as Google’s, which appears to be working.

Here’s a tweet search of users experiencing issues and a fix to the current AT&T DNS issues here:

If you have #uverse #att #AT&T and are having internet problems. Change your DNS Servers to and worked for me. #googleDNS

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