Jan 26 2016
AT&T Call Blocking – Robo Calls Solicitors @attcares @att

AT&T doesn’t advertise this very much, but you can use their online portal to block up to 20 numbers, this may help for some telemarketers solicitors and robo callers, but there are so many telemarketers using spoofing and other techniques that you would need the ability to block hundreds of callers.

If you have AT&T try out the call blocking, by logging into the portal and entering a few of the last calls you want to block, and see how many calls still come in. The way AT&T implements this feature is a failure not only because you are limited to 20 numbers, but because of the way it works. With say your iPhone you receive a call and you want to block the caller, just select it from the recent calls and get details and at the bottom you have the option to block  caller.  These calls will go right to voice mail.

Set up Call Blocking online

  1. Log in to myAT&T. Don’t have a myAT&T login? Register today!
  2. From Home Phone at the top of the page, and select Manage Features.
  3. From the Call Filtering section, click the arrow next to Call Blocking.
  4. Select On or Off to set up Call Blocking.
  5. In the Add Number field, enter up to 20 phone numbers you wish to block. Make sure to include area codes.
  6. After entering each number, select the Add button to the right.
  7. Select Save.

Turn Call Blocking on or off from your home phone

Once you’ve created your list of blocked numbers online, you can use your phone to turn on Call Blocking.

Turn On: Press *60#
Turn Off: Press *80#

There are devices which help.


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