Apr 2 2012
Asus Router RT-N66U Support & Review

I have been very disappointed in the support I have received on the Asus RT-N66U.

The firmware bug is simply unacceptable. I have tried countless times to upgrade the firmware which the router says there is a new version to upgrade to and it will proceed to check and update and then finish and then when I check again, it fails.

I am now on

I am trying to be a patient and understanding user, but this is trying my patience and has become unacceptable. If there is a bug with this product, please fix it. We spent a lot of money for a product that has these sorts of bugs.


within a few minutes of my inquiry I received a response.

Thank you for contacting Asus Networking Support. We apologize for the issues you are having with the RT-N66u. Please note that you are running the latest firmware at this time (Version The pop up that indicates that there is a new firmware available is currently a bug which will be addressed in the upcoming firmware update. We appreciate your patience on the matter. If you have any further concerns about your RT-N66u, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Adam K.
Customer Care Specialist J


If you experience trouble with the support forms/forums for Asus, using this email appears to be a very good alternative at this time, networking_support@asus.com.

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