Sep 1 2010
Arroyo Food Co-Op Victor’s Challenge

So here we go, the challenge is on.  190 members currently. Let’s see if we can get past 200 pretty quick here.

Victor’s Challenge!

The “Victor Challenge” begins September 1st!

The prize:
A gift card ($125 value) to Elements Kitchen or Elements Café where “seasonal ‘elements’ are the stars of Chef Onil Chibas’ bold and innovative menu.”

The challenge:
Victor Caballero is challenging fellow Arroyo Food Co-op member-owners to bring in 5 new co-op member-owners during the month of September 2010.

How to win:
Ask your friends to join today!! ( Be the first to member-owner to bring in 5 new member-owners during the month of September and you win!

Note: Please ask your friends to include your name on the membership form in the “How did you hear about Arroyo Food Co-op” section.

Help your friends get to know Arroyo Food Co-op:
• Share more information about Arroyo Food Co-op

• Send an email like this example

• Host an Arroyo Food Co-op house party

• Bring your friends to an upcoming event

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