Dec 31 2009
Apple New Product – ipad

So the rumors continue. Overdrive as expected:

Here’s the wrap-up.

1. Stock price for AAPL is at all time high. Will continue to rise. Some target it to $260.

2. Apple has started production on the iPad, iSlate, (whatever the name will be).

3. The announcement will be made in January 2010 in San Francisco, most likely Moscone Convention Center.

4. There was a problem with the glass, being brittle, but that has apparently been addressed.  No further details

5. Apple is riding the wave perfectly, as the Kindle, Nook, and other ereaders provide proof that this category is well established and will continue to grow. Apple takes it to the next level.

The question is will the price point Apple releases this new product at be accepted by the market. Some price it at $800. That would be on the high side, but not too much out of line. I would certainly put an order in for one.

The tablet category is expected to boom in 2010, some predict that Apple with a release and timely shipping could sell thousands of these units in the first year.

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