Dec 1 2009
Antennas For The HD Revolution

Are you looking for indoor antennas?


Low cost and easy installation of the indoor antennas make them popular among the consumers. One more thing, as other indoor antennas are always required to place near the television, now you can use the indoor HDTV antennas from Antennas Direct for the perfect HD Resolution, Quality and Services. You can pick any one of antennas as per your requirement from a huge variety provided by Antennas Direct.

  • ClearStream Micron/Micron XG – NEW — Indoor Long Range DTV/HDTV Antenna
  • ClearStream1 – $79.99 — Good directivity at all frequencies with a peak of 8 db and provide substantial performance gains over commonly available compact antennas.
  • ClearStream Convertible – $79.99 — Superior to existing compact antennas for receiving UHF DTV spectrum and optimized for the UHF band and high VHF band signals.
  • ClearStream2 – $99.99 — Improved gain and impedance bandwidth as compared to single models.
  • DB2 Antenna – $49.00 — Powerful, compact and multi-directional antenna designed for both Indoor and Outdoor use.
  • SR 8 Antenna – $18.00 — Indoor antenna and good to use where multi-path distortion is an issue.
  • SR 15 Antenna – $59.00 — Highly directional outdoor antenna and good for extreme weather conditions.
  • Toptronics DA-001 Indoor Digital Signal Antenna – $69.00 — powerful, compact and multi-directional indoor antenna
  • PF7 Picture Frame Antenna – $49.00 — Powerful indoor antenna

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