Dec 17 2012
Acapulco Restaurant Coupon – Updated $10 off Dinner/Brunch & BOGO $2.99

Here’s the latest Acapulco Restaurant Coupon. This post will be updated with the latest coupon, don’t miss out.


Updated 7-10-13, with this coupon you can show it on your phone when you buy one entree you get one for $5. Expires August 5, 2013. So hurry and get your deal now, you can save anywhere from $10-$15 with this deal. Valid at all Acapulco Restaurants.



Free coupon for Baja Chicken Taquitos, be sure to like Acapulco on facebook.


Acapulco restaurants coupon Buy One Get One Entree for $2.49! This is less than the previous coupons we have seen published in the past 6 months. This one expires 3-30-2013.



Don’t pass this up, as there are fewer locations we hope to see the quality of food and service improve at the remaining locations.

Acapulco coupon expires 1-30-2013, yes this is updated for 2013.  Good for buy one get one for $2.99.
Be sure to visit the San Pedro location which is located right on the water.


These are older coupons which may or may not be accepted by various locations. Please look for your local restaurant before driving out. There have been several which have closed in the past year.


Updated: This coupon good for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more, expires 4/29/2012. Don’t miss out on this great coupon, there are still others available like buy one get one for $2.99, but this a great value.


Update: 3-17-2012: The latest coupons from Acapulco are for $10 off $25 or more, expires 4/7/2012




I will do my best to keep the latest coupon here for those who want to bookmark this page.  If you have trouble finding the coupon, you can always do a search on the upper right. What I will do is update this posting.

Here’s the latest coupon:

$10 off $25 or more. Expires 3-13-2012

Join us at Acapulco for our All-You-Can-Eat Champagne Sunday Brunch Buffet until 2pm
Save $5 each person with this coupon:

Acapulco Restaurant Coupon Expires 1-29-2012


Note: most Acapulco locations will in fact accept the expired coupons. A trend that is generating added business for restaurants and other businesses.

I have not seen the $5 off Brunch coupon, but you can call your local Acapulco to see what they are offering.

Also, if you didn’t know Acapulco is owned by the same company that owns El Torito.

Acapulco Restaurant Coupon Expires 11-20-2011


Acapulco Restaurant Coupon Expires 10-16-2011
Expires 8-14-2011



Expires July 31, 2011:


Expires July 17, 2011:


Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Buy One get one for $2.99 Expires April 24, 2011


Expires 3/27/2011 Buy one get one for $2.99. Always a good deal. Get the combos as they are always good and take one or two items home.


Expires 3/20/2011 for $5 off Sunday Brunch. There’s a valid $2.99 entree coupon around but I could not seem to find it electronically. You can try to print one of the ones below and some restaurant may accept it.



Note this Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Y Cantina coupon expires on Feb 1-2011. and is not valid on the platter ultimo, which is the entree I usually get, but it is way too much food. So this is a new restriction at least on this coupon.

For the holiday season of 2010, be sure to buy your Acapulco gift card for $40 and get $10 free to use in the first 2011. Use Promo Code 1119E2010

This one expires 1/9/2011:




expiring August 30, 2009.

Good for the whole month of August.

Thanks to Acapulco for continuing the coupons.


You can either print this page or click here to print a coupon on a page by itself.


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