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Jan 27 2014
Apple Stock Plummets on Q1 Profit Results

Apple Q1 results are in and Apple sold 51 Million iPhones, 26M illion iPads, both records.
4.8M Macs sold.
$57.6B in sales (record).
$13.1B in income (record).
$AAPL Stock down 8%
Last trade for After hours quote and chart.
$506.27 down $44.23 or 8.03%
This is a substantial drop based on what is “less” than expected profits.

Jan 27 2014
AT&T U-Verse Internet Troubles

AT&T U-Verse Internet Troubles

If you have AT&T Internet U-Verse you may have experienced issues, but this morning it appears to be much worse than in the past.

Sites are not loading, sites are timing out, some sites are working.

Is AT&T throttling speeds? Or is this an outage affecting some customers and not others?

Errors such as:
The connection has timed out

or pages that only load text and no images.

update: Apparently the issues on Jan 27, 2014 appear to be DNS issues, that are affecting customers nationwide.

The issue has been ongoing for several hours and reports from many areas where AT&T Uverse service is available.

Some have reported that changing their DNS settings has resolved the issue, i.e. change to public DNS such as Google’s, which appears to be working.

Here’s a tweet search of users experiencing issues and a fix to the current AT&T DNS issues here:

If you have #uverse #att #AT&T and are having internet problems. Change your DNS Servers to and worked for me. #googleDNS

Jan 26 2014
Internet Enabled Wireless N Network Camera DCS-930L

If you are searching for a wireless camera solution with and have no need for DVR, then there are some options for realtime monitoring. If the option existed to record it could present better capabilities for these cameras. At a cost of $40-$50 these cameras offer video with audio.

D-Link DCS-930L Mydlink Enabled Wireless N Network Camera – Color, Fixed – 32 MB RAM

D-Link DCS-930L Mydlink Enabled Wireless N Network Camera - Color, Fixed - 32 MB RAM

Jan 25 2014
Pasadena City College Visioning Community Workshop

Pasadena City College Visioning Community Workshop

Event Details

Pasadena City College
Visioning Community Workshop
Centennial Facilities Master Plan
Saturday, February 8, 2014 9:30AM – 11:30AM
with an optional meeting of the planning teams 11:30AM – 1:00PM
Location: CC-201, Creveling Lounge (Parking available in Lot 1)
Refreshments will be served

Pasadena City College would like to invite you to a Special Retreat and Worksession to help the College develop a Vision for the Future of the College and its Facilities.

Pasadena City College has served Pasadena and the Greater Los Angeles basin for the last 90 years and as the 100th Anniversary approaches, the College is beginning the development of an innovative and dynamic Facilities Master Plan. Higher demand for classes and degrees, new technologies and new ways to learn are challenging PCC to re-envision itself and its future. PCC wants to hear from its Community and College leaders about how it can maintain its level of education excellence and become a model for higher education.

This workshop is the kick off to a year-long planning process to align its Educational Master PLan with the facilities needed to better achieve the College’s goals to help cultivate students for the global 21st Century. The result of this process will be the Centennial Facilities Master Plan.

Three planning firms have been hired to help develop the initial conceptual Facilities Master Plan by this Spring. This workshop will give you a chance to meet the teams and give the College and the planning firms your ideas about the needs and opportunities for PCC.

*Also in attendance will be President Mark Rocha, and members of the PACCD as well as faculty, staff and administrators



Jan 25 2014
Life Caps

Life Caps

No food for 8 days.

Daryl Stevenett

Life Caps – World’s First survival

5 year shelf life

17 days and not eating.

Not a diet pill

No clinical trials

The 2nd part of our interview with world-renown food formulator, Russ Bianchi… why the world needs LifeCaps.

Jan 25 2014
FitDeck – Exercise Playing Cards

Exercise Playing Cards

Shuffle Deal and Go

Direct to consumer


Cost $14.95 cost

Sold 1/2 million in seven years

Sold 55k last year. 600k in sales last year.

100 videos

redid website

App for sale 4-5
1,000 per month $9.99

PUG – push up game


Jan 24 2014
Google Gmail Service Outage

Google’s Gmail Service Ooutage

Google’s Gmail service suffered an outage on Friday.
Users were greeted Friday by the message: “Your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable.

We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes.” Google could not immediately be reached for comment. Google shares were down about 3%.


Jan 24 2014
Dodger Stadium Hockey Kings vs Ducks Jan 25, 2014 Tickets #dodgers #kings #hockey

As has been covered in the press, Dodger Stadium is the site of the LA Kings vs the Anaheim Ducks NHL Stadium Series.

Crews are working on the finishing touches and the puck drops at 6:30pm with musical performances.

NHL Stadium Series: Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks Tickets on 01/25/2014 6:30PM at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California

See the seating chart and the position of the field.

NHL Stadium Series: Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks Tickets

Jan 24 2014
First Class Stamps Price Increasing from 46 to 49 cents Buy Forever Stamps #uspostal #stamps

First Class Stamps Price Increasing from 46 to 49 cents Buy Forever Stamps #uspostal #stamps

If you use stamps you may want to buy your US Postal Service Forever Stamps before Sunday Jan 26, 2014 when the rate increases from 46 to 49 cents. This increase is expected to bring in an extra $2 billion in revenue to the US Postal Service.

You can save a little more buying at Costco.

Jan 24 2014
Kimpton Hotel Coming to Pasadena YWCA Building – State of The City #pasadena

Kimpton Hotel Coming to Pasadena YWCA Building – State of The City

In the Mayor’s State of The City Address, Mayor Bill Bogaard mentioned that the project is slated to begin construction the coming year.  Citing the lack of hotels in the city and the addition of 800 rooms in coming years.

The Pasadena Star News reported last year the progress and status of the planning and development departments.

We look forward to the long term development of boutique type hotels, which translate into jobs and additional tax dollars for the local economy.



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