Apr 26 2013
2013 Electric Lawn Mower Exchange Program Los Angeles

Thank you for your interest in Mowing Down Air Pollution!

Residents living within the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) jurisdiction are eligible to register for the 2013 Electric Lawn Mower Exchange Program.

This annual program offers SCAQMD residents an opportunity to help clean the air by exchanging an old, operable gasoline-powered lawn mower and purchasing a new electric lawnmower. Pre-registration is required.  This year, you have five models to choose from, with your cost being from $100 to $250 depending on the model you choose. There will be four exchange locations scheduled. Please see brochure for more details.

What to Expect


Mow Down Air Pollution

Makes and Models of cordless electric mowers offered
(You may click on models for pictures and specifications)

Make Model Price
Black & Decker 18 inch cut 36 volt $100.00
19″ Cut 36 V $180.00
19″ Self Propelled $250.00
Green Station 20 inch cut $150.00
20″ Self-Propelled $220.00

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