Apr 25 2013
Wine Sampler Kit $9.95 and a FREE personalized wine profile #WineGetsPersonal @tastingroomcom

Wine Sampler Kit plus FREE Shipping and a FREE personalized

What was the last time you tested a really good wine of Victorian age at an affordable price ? Well you had to be to the caves of Champagne in France or to the dungeon of your grandfather’s gothic manor in England’s countryside for that experience. But now you don’t have to look for either because you can get really good wine at your doorstep chosen by you and made only for you from Tasting Room.com by Lot18. If you become a part of our club you will be amazed to find out that wine testing was never so fun and buying good wine is as easy as buying a bread for your breakfast sandwich.


When you order on line, you will get six samples of good wine from us free. Then you test and tell us which wines you like. We will send you 3 cases of 12 full sized bottles every month without shipping cost.


What good reasons do we have to tell you that you need the wine testing kit desperately ?


  • You don’t have to buy a closed bottle looking at its label
  • You do not have to go in-store and choose the wines yourself. You will order online and we will send it to you.
  • Our venture is the first of its kind in the country in the sense that many wine shops around the country offers you testing facility but no one has ever generated a wine profile for you so that you have to remember always what you drank last time
  • You can proudly show your win profile to your friends and colleagues in executive parties
  • We try to use the least number of middlemen in our distribution channels so you get the best wine at the most affordable price
  • You get your wine profile quickly changed if you don’t one specific type of wine anymore
  • You get quick refund for any bad wine you receive with your following shipment


Personalized Service, Unbeatable Savings

Save 70% on your Wine Tasting Kit — only $9.95 ($39.95 retail) — and get $0 shipping.
Save 50% on your first case — only $84.49 with $0 shipping (regularly $149 plus $19.99 shipping). That’s around $7 a bottle.
Save up to 40% off the retail price of each new case of wine, delivered to your door every 3 months for only $149 — less than $13 a bottle.

So start your own grapevine with us and make wine testing an art. (75% OFF a Wine Sampler Kit plus FREE Shipping and a FREE personalized wine profile at Tasting Room only upto Christmas – original price 39.95, discounted price $9.95).


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