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Mar 27 2008
Relationship Economy book

Book from Happy About”The Emergence of The Relationship Economy” by Scott Allen, Jay T. Deragon, Margaret G. Orem and Carter F. Smith

Relationship Economy Book,

By Happy About Info

The Web is steadily becoming a utility of the masses. We have become familiar with using the Web for communicating, surfing, shopping, receiving information in different forms, and a host of other usage attributes–both personal and professional.

The Web economy has largely been fed by advertisers vying for eyeballs and attention. Advertisers have been a fundamental resource of the Web economy. When a change occurs that alters the old models and creates improved models with a promise of higher returns, then changes are likely to create systemic shifts across the entire Web that influence the system from end to end.

Innovation inevitably spawns further innovation throughout the supply chain of interconnected elements that fuel Web usage patterns, and the social Web facilitates systemic changes which are fueled through such innovation. The social Web brings more influential human elements with global reach than any previous technological development in the history of the Web. Combine the influence of the human elements with the economic power of relationship driven commerce and you have a scenario that will create further changes unforeseen, unpredictable, and unimaginable.

These changes are profound and create historical shifts that open opportunities for those who prepare and embrace the factors that enable a successful transition from the old economy to the new.

About the Authors

Scott Allen is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Link to Your World, LLC (, a full-service company that helps organizations transform virtual relationships into real business

Mr. Allen is co-author of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online (AMACOM, 2005). He is a contributing author to Blog!: How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture and executive editor of LinkedIn for Recruiting and I’m on LinkedIn – Now What?

Since 2002, Mr. Allen has been the Entrepreneurs Guide for, a subsidiary of The New York Times Company and one of the top ten content websites in the world. He is a monthly columnist and expert blogger for and a contributing expert at, In addition, he blogs at and

Mr. Allen is a widely recognized authority and has been quoted or featured in books including Get Slightly Famous and Endless Referrals, as well as, Money,, The Washington Post, CFO Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Sales and Marketing Management, Networking Times, Southwest Airlines Spirit, Worth and other major publications

As an experienced virtual and live presenter, his clients and event partners have included Microsoft, Electronic Retailing Association, Blog World and New Media Expo, Business Development Institute, Human Capital Institute, ERE Media, Execunet, American Marketing Association, OneCoach, LinkedIn and others.

Buy your copy today. Price is under $20. The ebooks are always less.

Relationship Economy Book,

Mar 27 2008
Happy About Publishing – Books on Career and Jobs

March 28, 2008 – Victor Caballero

I have just learned about this new site:

Happy About® books deliver wisdom. They are smaller, compact, high-impact reads that are typically 100-150 pages and are delivered in paperback, eBook, or podbook format. Time to Market: Happy About is approximately 5 times faster (3-4 months vs. 18-24) than a traditional publisher at getting a book to market. This allows you to deliver your message while it’s still germane. Distribution: Happy About books are available through Amazon (US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan), and (plus affiliate sites) and through the largest distributors: Baker & Taylor and Ingram. The eBook is also available at up to 150 libraries throughout the US and at up to 50 e-tailors. Visit for more info.

Here are some of the products:

Happy About Outsourcing

Happy About Working After 60

Happy About Global Software Test Automation

Happy About Joint Venturing

Happy About Linkin For Recruiting

Happy About Website Payments with PayPal

Book: Happy About Website Payments with PayPal: Answers to Over 40 of the Most Commonly Asked Questions
Get clear instructions, cogent advice, and actual code samples that you can cut and paste into your web site for immediate results!

The book covers…
Shopping Carts
Shipping & Taxes
PDT ‘s (Payment Data Transfer)
IPN ‘s (Instant Payment Notification)

plus tips on
Split Payments
Multi-User Access
Getting Paid
… and more!

Each chapter gives you clear, concise, instructions on how to put PayPal to work for you now

Happy About Website Payments with PayPal

Mar 27 2008
Solar Investments and Financing

SoCalTech is reporting this event:
April 7, San Diego — Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit. The Summit will bring together the Solar industry’s leading utility scale and commercial/industrial rooftop project developers, investors, lenders, solar technology companies, venture capitalist and other key industry players to discuss cutting edge developments in Solar power finance and investment, as well as the various challenges and prospects for 2008 and beyond. See

Mar 27 2008
Community Next Conference coming up this weekend

March 29, Hollywood at Level 3
Los Angeles — “The Next Generation of Media and the Web”
CommunityNext. Share the love and focus on how different forms of media are taking over the web. Not only will you hear from leaders working in the television, movie, music and print industries about how they’re going mobile, getting the word out and building social networks, but you’ll also learn how the web is changing and what you can do about it; socialize and connect with others who know just as much as you do and maybe even more.

Social media is here to stay!

Get more info here:

Mar 27 2008
Aptera Buzz is building

Saw a piece on the news last night on the Aptera.

I would like to get one, but the price is still a little high.

Question is, why would someone spend more money on an Aptera if they can buy a Prius for less?
The 300mpg?

Check out this video just released on the Aptera.

Mar 26 2008
New Rehearsal and Recording Studio Database Live

Are you looking for a rehearsal or recording studio?Check out this directory of several thousand studios throughout the United States.If you have a studio be sure to check that it is listed. If not add it and it will be live within minutes, just click the Input Listing link on the page.

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Mar 26 2008
Charter Internet Outage

It is pretty interesting when you have Charter running a promo for High-Speed for Life and most of the state of California drops Charter internet service.

Perhaps the bids should have been reduced on the auction.

We have Charter at the office and it is way more problematic that AT&T DSL. The main advantage to cable is that it can be significantly faster.

Charter has much work to do in have tiered services for residential and commercial businesses. If I am a business account I should not be running off the same pipe that residential customers are. I am paying a premium for that “special” service.

It appears that as of 12:30pm the internet is back up, although it has been in and out.

No reason why it went out either.

That’s another thing Charter Communications can add is a dashboard on the internet that shows the health of their network. Perhaps because they have so many problems they don’t want to air their dirty laundry.

I used to be with Charter at home and I am a stockholder in the company. I have thought of going back to Charter and they I encounter this, doesn’t make me anxious to go back and try them out.

Then I hear from other people of the horror stories they have had, from poor customer service to complete botch of service calls.

Customer Service needs to be #1 with companies. It amazes me how bad customer service can be.

Does anyone else have any experiences they would like to share with Charter?

Mar 26 2008
Charter Internet For Life Auction

Charter’s ”High-Speed for Life” Internet Auction Draws Over a Half-Million Visitors
BusinessWire – March 24, 2008 5:00 PM ET

Charter Communications, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: CHTR) innovative marketing campaign is opening new sales channels and driving heightened awareness of its blazing fast high-speed Internet service. Charter’s “High-Speed for Life” Internet auction is aimed at surfers of social networks, blogs and other online communities. Consumers can bid on receiving Charter High-Speed(R) Internet service, along with wireless home networking, for life.
An independent research firm, comScore, Inc., ranked Charter’s high-speed Internet speeds to be faster and more reliable than combined Internet offerings provided by national phone companies in areas where Charter provides service(1).
“The participation and awareness generated by this auction has far surpassed our expectations and we are astounded by the enthusiasm it is attracting. Online communication has become an integral part of our daily lives, and all of our services – video, high-speed Internet and telephone – contribute to our brand promise that ‘Charter Brings Your Home to Life.’ This campaign offers just that, for life,” said Bob Quigley, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Charter. “As a company committed to the communities we serve, when the auction is over, we will donate the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity, another organization dedicated to bringing homes to life.”
Over the past year, Charter has invested over a billion dollars in capital to serve its customers and to upgrade its networks. Charter is committed to investing in its communities to make them strong, and providing value to all its customers by offering high-quality products and services backed up by superior customer care.
Bidding in Charter’s “High-Speed for Life” Internet auction ends on March 26, 2008. More information on the auction, including registration and bidding, can be found at .
Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian ministry that welcomes to its work all people dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat has built more than 250,000 houses worldwide, providing simple, decent and affordable shelter for more than one million people. For more information, visit

Mar 26 2008
Google Webmaster Live Chat

Join us for an online live chat this Friday!
Monday, March 24, 2008 at 6:50 PM Written by Adam Lasnik, Search EvangelistMany of us Webmaster Help Group guides have happily gotten to meet Group members at various functions around the world. Over sandwiches in San Jose. Salads in Stockholm. Sweets in Sydney. And it’s been super!
But some of you are hard to find and so we haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with you. Therefore, we’ve decided to visit you right through your beloved monitor screen.
On Friday, March 28 at 9am PDT / noon EDT / 16:00 GMT, we’ll be having our first-ever all-group live chat, where you’ll have a chance to hear and see us answer some of your most pressing questions. All that’s required is a phone (we’ll pay for the call), a sufficiently-modern web browser, and an internet connection.
We’ll be posting a “sticky note” with more details in the Random Chitchat section of the Group a day or two before this online meetup, and we’re looking forward to chatting with you soon!
Talkatively yours,
Adam and the English Webmaster Help Guides

Mar 26 2008
cfares for airline travel savings

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Website Information

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