Aug 13 2013
$13.99 for BuckeyBites Antler Dog-Chew Starter Kit ($24.99 List Price) @groupon

BuckeyBites Antler Dog-Chew Kit – Online Deal
$13.99 for BuckeyBites Antler Dog-Chew Starter Kit ($24.99 List Price). Free Returns.


BuckeyBites Antler Dog-Chew Starter Kit

Deer and elk naturally shed portions of their antlers throughout the year as seasons change and fashion trends come and go. BuckeyBites’ team scours fields and forests throughout North America to find these antler fragments, then cut and sand them down into dog chews. As pets gnaw on these 100% natural treats, they extract vitamins and minerals such as calcium, collagen, and glucosamine. These nutrients support everything from a glossy coat to healthy kidney function. In addition to promoting dogs’ physical health, the antlers may assist with their mental well-being, especially for dogs that combat stress and anxiety by chewing. Since nature designed the antlers to withstand the collisions of 700 lb. elk bulls, the chews last far longer than the average artificial dog toy, and they’re unlikely to ever chip or splinter.

Dog chews cut from naturally shed deer and elk antler
Excellent source of vitamins and minerals
Support bone, joint, and muscle health
May calm anxiety-prone dogs
Nonallergenic and 100% natural
Last longer than most artificial toys
Resist chipping and splintering
No dyes or preservatives for organically minded dogs
Shed antler—no animals harmed by harvesting


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