Feb 10 2013
$1 Million Dollar Reward for Dorner

A $1 Million Dollar Reward for Dorner is expected to be announced. Apparently according the LA Times not all of the $1 million has been secured, approx $500 has been raised. The various agencies and officials are scrambling to raise the additional funds.

Expect to hear more about the reward for Dorner at the 1pm news conference.

It has now been 4 days since the manhunt kicked into high gear, but about 2 weeks since the killing of a couple in Irvine that Dorner is the prime suspect in.

More details are coming. Meantime there is speculation that Dorner is no longer in Big Bear and has left the area. Other reports are that he is still in the area since the vehicle he was driving apparently had axle damage while driving on a road not designed for vehicles. Apparently some weapons had been left in the vehicle which was burned, and that there are footsteps leading away form the vehicle and then back to the vehicle.

Another interesting development: TSA advises pilots, airports to lookout for fugitive. Dorner has pilot training experience.
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