Dec 14 2016
1 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked in 2013 #yahoohack @yahoo

Yahoo has announced that over 1 billion accounts have been hacked, this in addition to previous incident, the other being 500 million hacked accounts.

Apparently this is an August 2013 breach that was just revealed or discovered.

Read this notice sent to Yahoo users who may have been hacked.

Yahoo said an unauthorized third party stole data in August 2013. The data may have included names, email addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and encrypted passwords.

Verizon has made a deal to purchase Yahoo, we will see where things head from here. Does this help Verizon? Probably not, because it exposes Verizon to huge class action lawsuits that will devalue Yahoo to a penny stock. It could cut the purchase price by at least 20%.

If the accounts Yahoo used to value the acquisition by Verizon, then some further investigation should be done into how many of those accounts are “active” accounts.

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