Jul 31 2013
Whole Foods Coho Salmon $9.99/lb August 2, 2013 Only @wholefoods @wfmarroyo

Whole Foods is offering Fresh, wild Alaska salmon!

This Friday only,  Alaska wild-caught Coho salmon will be on sale for $9.99 per pound*. Read more here

Their buyers in Alaska work directly with fishermen so that we can offer wild salmon as soon as they start running.

It’s never frozen, which means you get that incomparable fresh summer salmon flavor.

This sale is one day only so make sure that you stop in this Friday, August 2nd to hook this sweet catch!

Remember,  Alaska wild-caught Coho salmon is only available for a few short weeks, so make sure to stop by our one day sale this Friday, August 2nd, to get the best deal of the season!

Most Whole Foods will also cook the purchased fish for you, which is a great deal if you think about, you can then eat it with salads, etc.  Have one pound prepared cajun style and another with lemon pepper seasoning, you will really enjoy this fresh fish.

Click on the images below to see how you can prepare salmon at home.

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