Feb 14 2013
Verizon Wireless Poor Call Quality Echo on Line

Verizon Wireless Echo on Line

Update: 3-9-13
After several follow-up calls to Verizon. Verizon has confirmed that many areas of Pasadena are considered marginal service area and are subject to poor quality, dropped calls, including echo on the line and other anomalies. If you signed up to a contract to Verizon and you have been subject to bad service, call and ask that your account is noted and you will not be subject to the early termination fees. Next is to fight for a refund for the the phone, as the iPhone purchased will only work with Verizon.

After about 2 months of trying to get a straight answer from Verizon support, it is now apparent that Verizon is not best wireless provider in many areas where they claim to have “best” coverage.  In the Pasadena area, if you drive the 210 freeway east and west from about the Arroyo Seco Bridge and Lake Ave area you will most likely experience the echo line troubles.

The support people I talked with claim it is the handset, but there are so many reports in many other  areas where this is been an problem for many years, with many over five years ago.

Will Verizon fix the problem, or continue to ignore the crucial area of Pasadena, CA to improve service.

reference: https://www.tomshardware.com/forum/12755-37-horrible-echo-verizon-phone

The last update from Michael, one of the tech support supervisors out of Columbia, SC, (803) 231-1717 was that there is a known problem and that there was no eta on resolution. Not sure what that is supposed to mean, but if you have thousands of customers traveling through an area and you are not going to address the issue with a resolution then that doesn’t leave customers in a very good situation. Dealing with Verizon  on this issue has been frustrating and at times infuriating at the way the company has handled this, with basically laying blame on everything but the network, which it appears is the problem. How can Verizon publish on their coverage maps that the area is “BEST” coverage and you drop calls and hear echo on the line. The echo on the line is not isolated to this location, it occurs in several other locations, but is not as noticeable, it is like a lower volume echo in the background.

Perhaps someone with Verizon or someone who has worked for Verizon can explain in more detail what is going on here technically, it seems that the signal is not being properly passed from one tower to another, and that the echo is part of that issue.

I would very much like to hear from Verizon on this so that we can have a resolution.


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