Oct 28 2012
Verizon vs AT&T Coverage in Glendale Pasadena Burbank

After many years of being patient and waiting for AT&T to get their network upgraded to handle the smartphone demands, it is now time to cut the cord with AT&T, primarily due to the constant dropped calls and poor service issues in the Pasadena, Burbank, and Glendale areas.
AT&T claims to have the best network, but it does not hold true from personal experience including those that I know that also use AT&T, unfortunately after many years of being with AT&T, it is time to make the switch back to Verizon. Everyone I know who has Verizon, continues to claim that the network is simply the best. So we will report back on our experience after a few weeks.

Have you have a bad experience with Verizon in the Los Angeles area, are there spots where AT&T works and Verizon does not? I bet there are, because AT&T still has the Edge towers which are old, but at least still deliver some signal, probably in more remote areas.

Lets see what happens, the contract is for two years, so if in two years AT&T improves their network reliability then maybe we make the switch back.

When I hear other users canceling their AT&T service because of reliability issues, it only makes me wonder that we are not the only ones experiencing the issues. The only way these large companies learn is to reward companies that are doing it right, to give the business to the companies spending money on improving their service and reliability. It seems too often that companies spend too much on marketing when they should be spending most of that on improving the user experience, as that is the long term investment that marketing money cannot buy.

Here’s a map of the Verizon coverage in the Pasadena area.

Here’s a map of the AT&T coverage in the Pasadena area.

As you can see the both look at about the same, but when you experience them, they are not the same, ┬áthe map is not at all accurate on the AT&T network, if you talk to a representative they claim that the map you see online is not as accurate as maps that they use internally… really. I have heard this many times, and that alone is upsetting enough to make the switch. Why would a company post something online and then when you call them on it, tell customers that it is not accurate. That is wrong and companies should be held accountable for their claims. I am sure there is some lawyer itching to file a class action over something like this.


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