Dec 30 2011
Verizon To Charge For Paying Your Bill (UPDATE: rescinded)

Just WRONG for a company to try to make extra money off the backs of those trying to pay their bills, that may not have the resources:
Verizon To Charge For Paying Your Bill starting Jan 15, 2012.

(UPDATE: rescinded)
After pressure Verizon has apparently backed off after negative customer feedback.

The planned $2 bill payment fee has apparently been rescinded, according to company reports.

So now we have a situation where companies will make attempts to see what they can get away with, if there is no negative feedback or they start to feel the pain of lost customer dollars they feel they can proceed to impose extra charges on customers.
This is just plain wrong. These tactics by large US companies are not to be tolerated and customers must be vigilant to prevent companies from even attempting these efforts.
Not only are companies seeing the effects of their actions but now like with BofA, Verizon has seen the power of customers, and as long as customers have choices, these companies will have to respond.
Just like with GoDaddy supporting/authoring SOPA, they pressure and financial loss to GoDaddy could be estimated to be in the millions with the transfer of approx 100,000 domains, the estimates could even be higher.


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