May 22 2013
V2Cigs, America’s #1 Ecigs Retailer

America’s number one electronic cigarette with more than one million satisfied customers is V2Cigs. The company has been online since March 2011 and has quickly become the number one source for many Ecigs consumers everywhere.

V2 Ecigs

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or Ecigs, are small devices that contain a liquid mixed with small amounts of nicotine, that when smoked, produce a harmless vapor. Ecigs have become increasingly popular because they deliver nicotine without the harsh side-effects of smoke, odor, and ash.

V2 has quickly become the top supplier for Ecigs across the United states, providing customers with everything they need to get started. Customers simply choose a manual or automatic battery and pair it with a slew of different cartridge flavors. The V2 Standard ECig Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started, including ten cartridges, a USB wall charger, an automatic battery, and a manual battery.

You will more than likely find the exact strength and flavor you’re looking for at the V2 site. Currently, there are ten different flavors available in varying strengths of 1.8%, 1.2%, .6%, and 0% nicotine. The flavors offered are as follows:

V2 now offers 13 flavors ; including 3 Limited Edition flavors
 V2 Red
 V2 Congress
 V2 Sahara
 V2 Menthol
 V2 Peppermint
 V2 Mint Tea
 V2 Cherry
 V2 Vanilla
 V2 Chocolate
 V2 Coffee
 V2 Grape (Limited Edition)
 V2 Classic Menthol (Limited Edition)
 V2 Cola (Limited Edition)

Worry-free smoking is made easier than ever with V2. The company backs their products with a 30-day money back guarantee.

V2 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
o 30 Day Money Back Guarantee excludes Cartridges and E-liquids purchased separately from starter kits
o 30 Day Money Back Guarantee excludes shipping cost

V2 also backs their products with a lifetime warranty. If your product ever breaks, simply contact customer service and they’ll take care of you.

Want to smoke your Ecigs for free? V2 Cigs Smoke4Free referral program lets you do just that. Everytime you refer a friend and they make a purchase, you’ll receive a $15 account credit. What could be better than that. Get paid to refer others and enjoy the benefits of Ecigs. Head on over to V2Cigs are order your Ecigs today!

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