Apr 30 2012
Unroll.me is an email unsubscribe engine
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Unroll.me is an email unsubscribe engine that allows you to unsubscribe from unwanted emails in bulk! We are in private beta. Sign up for an early invite! Sneak peek at https://unroll.me

Thanks for signing up!

We appreciate you sharing with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email and we are prioritizing invites for those who share! (make sure to use your referral link: https://signup.unroll.me/?lrRef=Xhtk7).

At the moment we only support Gmail and Google apps accounts.

You will receive an invite when we open to all domains If you signed up with an email other than one that we support. If you want to sign up a different address you can respond to this email with the address/addresses and we will add it to the list.

There is a huge queue for invites at the moment so please be patient with us. We promise it is worth the wait!

The Unroll.me Team

Talk to us on Twitter! @Unrollme

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