Nov 20 2011
UC Davis Officers Use of Pepper Spray Outcry Video Uncut

UC Davis Officers Use of Force Pepper Spray


Should anyone inwish to express your thoughts on the attack on the Davis students Lt Pike and Chief Spicuzza can be emailed at:

Lt John Pike

Chief Annette Spicuzza

A message can be sent to Chancellor Katehi through her page in the UC Davis website.

Linda P.B. Katehi, Chancellor




Update: There are now hundreds of videos on the internet, and note that many of the officers do not display their names on their uniforms.
But many are displaying and may of the officers that responded to the UC Davis campus Friday are listed here, there appears to be at least 2-3 dozen officers in the field that basically bully their way into the quad and start to push around students and then Sgt Pike takes it upon himself to instigate an all out assault on the students with pepper spray, then the other officers push students away with their billy clubs in full display.
What a bunch of coward cops, that wear the uniform of a peace officer and disgrace good peace officers.
Here again we have several bad apples setting a bad example and contaminating the police force.
How Davis and the University deal with this will be interesting in the next few days. There are calls for resignations, from the Chief of Police for Davis, the chancellor, officers, and others.

Chief Landy Black

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to her car
Calls for her resignation. This is not going to end silently. There are enough angered people that the protests will continue. The chancellor did not handle the situation well at all.

Who is this officer that felt it was appropriate to start spraying these people assembled in a peaceful protest.

UC Davis Pepper Spraying officer, Lt. John Pike.

Officers are public servants, they serve to protect and serve the people, they are paid through taxes, the people pay. They are charged with keeping peace, not creating chaos, they need to control their temper and not lash out. Officers appearing in the Wall Street and Davis incidents appear to have issues that need to be dealt with when it comes to dealing with the public. Perhaps as part of their sensitivity training they should know what it feels like to get shot with rubber bullets and sprayed in the face with pepper spray.  In this incident it is completely uncalled for the use of pepper spray, and all officers involved should be FIRED. Peace Officers!

Police Pepper Spray Peaceful UC Davis Students UNCUT EXPLICIT VIOLENCE BY COPS



Mirrored from operationleaks…

SCUMBAG cops, attack peaceful student protesters.


Report from Yahoo news below…#

“Onlookers screamed out for the officer to stop before chanting “shame on you” as the protesters on the ground were handcuffed and led away.
The incident happened at the University of California campus in Davis, about 80 miles (130km) north of San Francisco, on Friday.
The university’s chancellor, Linda Katehi, described the video as “chilling” and said she was forming a task force to investigate – despite calls for her to step down.
In a message posted on the school’s website she added that it “raises many questions about how best to handle situations like this”.
Many Twitter and Facebook comments supported the students and criticised the response. Actress Mia Farrow tweeted that it was a “stomach-churning” video.
However, a law enforcement official who watched the clip called the use of force “fairly standard police procedure”.
University spokeswoman Karen Nikos said nine people hit by pepper spray were treated at the scene, while another two were taken to hospitals and later released. Ten people were arrested.
Police actions have been in the spotlight as officers clash with the thousands of people who have been holding protests and marches in cities across the world as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement for the past two months.
So much so, in the days after the forcible Oakland protest eviction in the US last month, police chiefs and mayors held conference calls to discuss containment strategies.
It was decided that police departments would turn to pepper spray to try to quell large crowds as opposed to rubber bullets and tear gas.
Supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement say they are upset that billions of dollars in bailouts given to banks during the recession allowed them to make huge profits again, while average Americans have suffered from high unemployment and rising costs as the economy struggles to recover.”



Bob Ostertag, prof. at UC Davis, on the “Militarization of Campus Police”:

Love to see what Lieutenant John Pike’s inbox has in it after Anonymous published his email and everything else

Here’s the horrifying photo of the police response at UC Davis to peaceful OWS protests.  God save us.

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