Jul 30 2009
Twiistup 6 Starts Today

July 30, Los Angeles — Twiistup 6. Twiistup connects people from technology, media, and entertainment. Our events features an eclectic stage agenda representing leading innovators and 10 startups chosen to ‘showoff’ their products & services to influential bloggers, fellow tech-heads, investors, the media and those interested in learning about what’s hot in tech. Unlike traditional conferences, Twiistup mixes it up with tunes, video, beverages, swag and the unexpected.

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Los Angeles, CA

BakeSpace preserves and updates the age-old tradition of gathering in the kitchen to cook and socialize.  It’s an independent grassroots community where people from around the world gather to post, search and swap recipes, build new friendships, learn from one another and express their passion for all things food-related. The site was named a 2009 Webby Award Nominee for Best Social Network.

Bantam Live


New York, NY

Bantam Live is an online service for business teams to collaborate in a workspace and build business relationships across the Web.



San Francisco, CA

Think: “Twitter for Music.”  Blip.fm is a social music service powered by your most trusted sources: your friends and favorite people.  Music discovery is inherently social, and recommendations are most compelling when they come from real people, people you respect and care about.  Over a million people are already using Blip.fm to share and discover great music.  Channel your inner DJ on Blip.fm.



San Mateo, CA

Diddit is a site where users check off their life experiences (their “diddits”), tell stories, discover cool things to do, keep track of what they “wanna do,”  and meet new people with similar interests. Diddit’s database includes over 400k activities ranging from travel content like ski runs, roller coasters and cruise ships to media objects such as movies, books and television series.



Los Angeles, CA

Educator.com is a pioneering venture aimed at equalizing education by assembling the best teachers in the country and making their lectures affordable to everyone.



Sherman Oaks, CA

EQAL (pronounced “Equal”) is a social entertainment company dedicated to redefining the way users interact with content and each other.



Santa Monica, CA

Business travelers dread the monthly task of filling out expense reports. Instead of stacks of receipts and lengthy hours of data entry, ExpenseBay’’s secure SaaS solution gives business employees an easy way to automate their weekly expense reports.  ExpenseBay can export an expense report automatically into a companies mandated spreadsheet or existing Expense Management Applications.



San Francisco, CA

JamLegend is changing the way music is experienced online. We give artists an easy way to promote their music in a Guitar Hero-like game, and gamers the ability to play more songs with more friends, anytime, anywhere.



Los Angeles, CA

The Mobolize solution from Mobophiles solves the two biggest problems with the Web: slow page loads and no offline access. With Mobolize, you can now have the freedom which comes with having a Web that you can count on, regardless of where you are.



San Francisco, CA

Peoplebrowsr is a real-time search engine and client for you to look into the pulse of digital conversations and engage across multiple social networks simultaneously. With filtering, you can bubble up “memes and themes” that are important to you or your brand across any “Web 2.0? service like Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook.



Manhattan Beach CA

Streamy is a real-time news and social media dashboard.  Read news and see what your friends are reading around the Web.  Continue the conversation with instant messaging, sharing, and groups.  Drag and drop stories to quickly share and navigate.  Extend the conversation with connections to Twitter, Facebook, AIM, Google Talk and more.



Santa Cruz, CA

UserVoice lets you harness the best ideas of your users and help turn them into product champions. Turn on a UserVoice forum, and have your customers help move your product forward.

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