Feb 27 2012
The Valence Group – The Chemical M&A Advisory

Chemical industry is in itself very vast encompassing several related industries as well as a very dynamic and growing industry. And naturally investors peeking into the chemical world seek to make much profound calculated move for investment. Here the role of the Valence Group comes in. It is an investment bank to provide chemical m&a advisory services exclusively for investors and companies in chemical investment banking, chemicals, materials and other concerned sectors.

The entire team of Valence Group constitutes senior investment banking and industry specialists with many years of experience. It acts as both the advisor and the “client” side of the negotiating table to make the clients understand financial, strategic and other matters that include all the aspects including any roadblocks or hurdles that may occur during transactions. No doubt materials, chemicals and related industries are globalized with transactions in these sectors involving counterparts from each Europe, Asia and North America. The Valence Group has offices to generate opportunities and accomplish deals throughout the economies of the world.

They have senior experts and legal advisors in the sector of the materials, chemicals and related sectors in each of the offices.

For chemical mergers and acquisitions processes too, the company encompasses experience of any kind of transaction issues including economic and contractual liabilities. With the expertise team and extensive network of materials and chemicals executives, the team conceptualized the right moves and tapped into the global footprint in the sector. In short, in the chemical world, the Valence Group is much sought after name for any kind of chemical m&a advisory services.


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