Dec 21 2011
Textaurant is now TurnStar

Textaurant is Now TurnStar

New name, new look and new features!

We are excited to announce the official transition to our new name: TurnStar. This coincides with the launch of our new product, which is faster, easier to use and ready to change the way you wait everywhere.

In the past 6 months:

  • Businesses using our online wait list have seated over 40,000 parties (135,000 people)
  • Restaurants using TurnStar have seen a 19.5% decrease in no-shows for customers that received mobile notification
  • Customers have saved 15 years by waiting online not in line

Restaurants using TurnStar are seeing great benefits, like:

  • Saving as much as $700 a month by eliminating the use of traditional pagers
  • Retaining up to 20% of otherwise lost business – resulting in “found” revenue upwards of $10,000 per year
  • Boosting survey response rates by as much as 800%
TurnStar can be used on any WiFi-enabled device, but many customers have found that an iPad or other tablet makes allows hosts to serve guests easily by letting them to roam away from the host stand while collecting customer information. The brand-new TurnStar wait list is fully optimized for iPad, making it quicker and easier for hosts to add people to the waitlist and providing one-touch notifications.

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