Jul 27 2017
Tesla (TSLA) & Model 3 Production Status @TeslaMotors

If you are one of the several hundred thousand people who placed a reservation for a Tesla Model 3, you are probably wondering what the status is. Since putting down $1000 to reserve there has been little communication about the Model 3 from Tesla, we know a few bits, from either twitter or releases, but beyond that things are still unclear.

What we have heard is that by December 2017, production of the Model 3, should be at 20,000 vehicles per month, if that is right it could be 2019, before many see their Model 3.

Tax credits/rebates will be reduced after the first 200,000 Tesla vehicles are sold.

How does the US federal EV tax credit phase out work when Tesla hits 200,000 cars sold in the US and how does is affect the Model 3?

IRS IRC30D Tax credit phase out document:


Federal Tax Credits for All-Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

To claim a credit you need to fill out IRS form 8636 here

Existing Tesla owners, Model S and Model X are first in line and have priority on orders. So most likely once all the existing Tesla owner orders are filled, there may not be any tax credits left.

Some existing Tesla owners are offering their orders to friends and family.

Tesla has a missed opportunity by not communicating better with half a million people who believe enough in Tesla and Elon Musk. We may get a better idea of what the future holds on Friday 8:45pm.  You can head over to tesla.com to watch as the first Tesla Model 3 are delivered to owners, live streaming. The July 28, 2017 event is significant as it confirms that Tesla is on target to deliver the Model 3, and those on the fence about cancelling will perhaps ride it out through 2017 and maybe 2018.

You can listen to a song someone wrote about waiting for his Tesla Model 3.  Everyone who is holding a reservation probably feels like number 400k in line, except for those existing owners.  If Tesla offers driving opportunities of the Model 3, it will surely help especially if it is impressive.


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