Jan 9 2011
Talent can change the outcome

Ted Williams was just a homeless guy with a piece of cardboard on the street. But what sets him apart is a God-given voice which some described as silky and refined. For a man who has fallen into hard times he is the living proof that any God-given talent can manifest into something valuable at the end. Good thing also there was a certain someone named Doral Chenoweth III who after seeing Williams and giving him a dollar in exchange for videotaping his baritone voice went public with his video and next thing you know Williams became such a household hit. 15 minutes is all he needed to become famous and soon he was being interviewed on the The Early Show and The Today Show. The offers keep pouring in to be an announcer from the Cleveland Cavaliers to MTV and NFL. A cool offer was also made by MSNBC to be the voice over for their Lean Forward campaign. Despite being the talk of the town Williams has had a storied past which resulted to where he was before getting the recognition. Drugs and liquor problems became the stumbling block in Williams career as a famed radio announcer evidently leading to where he was with his cardboard.

A closer look at Ted Williams

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