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Groupon Voucher Settlement Update

 GROUPON VOUCHER SETTLEMENT: UPDATES TO CERTAIN DEADLINES AND TO INFORMATION PROVIDED IN COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE Opt Out and Objection Deadline: Settlement Class Members now have until July 27, 2012 to object to or request exclusion from the Settlement Class. Final Approval Hearing Date: The…

Urgent – Occupy DC Tased – Video

 Urgent – Occupy DC tased Video https://SaveOccupyDC.org — Jan. 29, 2012. National Park Police tase a peaceful Occupy DC participant My name’s Eric. I’m a middle-aged, middle-class PTA dad who participates in Occupy DC because I want a better country for our kids. Today, the…

Information geek forced to delete data after facebook threatens to sue

 If you’re a member of the popular social network websites like twitter, Hi-5, or Facebook then you might have experienced coming across an old school friend, who only found you because they were introduced to a friend at a party and added them to their…